Grants from BFA Awards Foundation

In 2021, the establishment of the Best Fashion Awards Foundation was announced and the first ambassadors of the Foundation were presented.

During the Best Fashion Awards Ceremony, the Ambassadors of the Foundation Zoya Lytvyn, Kateryna Lyubchyk, MONATIK, Olga Oleksenko, Yuliia Polishchuk and Anastasiia Tsybulyak delivered short speeches and presented grants to the winners in two nominations selected for support in 2021.

The grants have become the winners in the nominations "Saving Traditions of Artisanal Craft", the designers of the brand GUNIA Project and the winner in the nomination "The Discovery of the Year", the designer of the brand bettter.

"Being an ambassador of the Best Fashion Awards and supporting Ukrainian designers is an honour and an opportunity for me to help Ukrainian names spread around the world. Nomination "Saving Traditions of Artisanal Craft" is about the heart and soul, the character of the country.
It is extremely important in today’s innovative and global realities to rethink and modernize the national cultural code. Besides, for me this nomination is about the value that Ukrainian designers can give to the whole world," says Zoya Lytvyn.

GUNIA Project
GUNIA Project

"We are incredibly happy that the BFA Foundation has supported our mission — to preserve traditions and modernize them! Thanks to a grant in the "Saving Traditions of Artisanal Craft" nomination, we will be able to purchase a large ceramic kiln that will help us strengthen and expand our production and create new jobs," wrote GUNIA Project designers Nataliia Kamenska and Mariia Gavrilyuk on their social media.

"I have become an ambassador of the Best Fashion Awards Foundation because I love Ukrainian fashion and believe that Ukrainian designers work at a global level. Once upon a time I worked as a model and journalist, I spoke closely with the Ukrainian fashion community, I know the Ukrainian fashion industry well and understand how difficult it can be to achieve success and recognition in it. That is why, in my opinion, it is crucial that the BFA Award Foundation always supports the nomination "The Discovery of the Year". The first steps in the industry are the hardest for new talent. I dream that one time we will award grants not only to the nominees for the "The Discovery of the Year", but also to those young designers who have prospects and talent and may not have been noted by the experts of the Award," mentions Kateryna Lyubchyk.


"Recently the bettter team has been awarded a grant as the "The Discovery of the Year'' by the Best Fashion Awards Foundation. Yet we believe that walking together is much more fun and a great result depends on a strong community that changes the world every day. Therefore, we wanted to share our grant from the Foundation with all the nominees from this list: árutiunova, Katimō, Kir Khartley, and YADVIGA NETYKSHA. To the better days ahead!", sums up Julia Pelipas, designer of the bettter brand.