Winners of Best Fashion Awards 2018

The ninth BEST FASHION AWARDS Ceremony took place on 15th November at the FAIRMONT Grand Hotel Kyiv.

The host of this year's Ceremony was Alexander Skichko - TV presenter, actor, showman.
The BFA award is determined by a vote of a group of 30 experts based on the results of the two-season collections. The expert group includes well-known fashion journalists, critics, buyers and opinion leaders.

This year, the protocols of the award experts and the counting of votes were processed by the law firm "Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners". It keeps the voting results in secret - until they are announced from the stage during the Ceremony.

The winners of the Best Fashion Award:

The Best Womenswear Designer

  • ARTEMKLIMCHUK - Artem Klimchuk
  • BEVZA - Svitlana Bevza
  • ELENAREVA - Olena Reva
  • FLOW the Label - Victoriia Balanyuk
  • Lake Studio - Anastasiia Ryabokon, Olesya Kononova
  • Litkovskaya - Lilia Litkovskaya
  • the COAT by Katya Silchenko - Katya Silchenko

Winner: ARTEMKLIMCHUK - Artem Klimchuk

Artem Klimchuk
Artem Klimchuk

The award was presented by TV presenter, public figure, founder of the charity project Charity weekend, UN Goodwill Ambassador Mariia Efrosinina.

The Best Accessories Designer

  • COVER Number ONE - Tetiana Nemchenko
  • Guzema Fine Jewelry - Valeriya Guzema
  • RUSLAN BAGINSKIY - Ruslan Baginsky
  • the COAT by Katya Silchenko - Katya Silchenko

Winner: RUSLAN BAGINSKIY - Ruslan Baginskiy

Ruslan Baginskiy, Kateryna Osadcha
Ruslan Baginskiy, Kateryna Osadcha

The award was presented by Kateryna Osadcha, host of the projects "Svitske" and "Golos Krainy" on 1 + 1 channel.

The Discovery of the Year

  • CHAKSHYN - Dmytro Chayun, Anton Yakshin
  • GASANOVA - Elvira Gasanova
  • GUDU - Lasha Mdinaradze
  • JARDIN EXOTIQUE - Lida Arfush
  • SIX. - Juliia Bogdan

Winner: SIX. - Juliia Bogdan

Juliia Bogdan
Juliia Bogdan

The award was presented by ELLE Ukraine editor-in-chief Sonya Zabuga and MONATIK.

The Breakthrough of the Year

  • BEVZA - Svitlana Bevza
  • Ienki Ienki - the founder of the brand Dmytro Yevenko
  • KSENIA SCHNAIDER - Ksenia Schnaider
  • Litkovskaya - Lilia Litkovskaya
  • PASKAL - Juliia Pascal
  • RUSLAN BAGINSKIY - Ruslan Baginskiy
  • the COAT by Katya Silchenko - Katya Silchenko

Winner: RUSLAN BAGINSKIY - Ruslan Baginskiy

The award was presented by singer, National Artist of Ukraine Tina Karol and TV and film producer Andriy Nogin.

The Best Fashion Performance

ARTEMKLIMCHUK - Artem Klimchuk
FROLOV - Ivan Frolov
Jean GRITSFELDT - Jean Gritsfeldt
LAKE studio - Olesya Kononova, Anastasiia Ryabokon

Winner: FROLOV - Ivan Frolov

Ivan Frolov
Ivan Frolov

The award was presented by businesswoman, owner of Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv, founder of the charity fund "Choosing the future together" Yelyzaveta Yurusheva and musician and actor Sergiy Babkin.

The ceremony also presented the "Inspiration" award, the fate of which was decided by the designers themselves.

Winner: Tetiana Ruban.

Tetiana Ruban
Tetiana Ruban

The award was presented by the publisher of the online magazine ZEFIR.UA Iryna Turbayevska and the film producer, TV presenter and new IDOL of Serge Smolin Irakli Makatsaria.

Sustainable fashion

In 2018, the Best Fashion Awards organizing committee established a special award that will be presented to Ukrainian fashion brands that work in the direction of SUSTAINABLE fashion. DHL Express Ukraine has become the initiator and partner of the SUSTAINABLE fashion award.

DHL Express Ukraine is one of the leaders in logistics services, which today actively cooperates with Ukrainian designers and not only introduces sustainable technologies into the logistics of company, but also supports the promotion of this trend among Ukrainian designers. The organizers congratulate the Ukrainian clothing brands that have chosen "ethical design and ethical production" as their philosophy.

Winner: KSENIA SCHNAIDER - Ksenia Schnaider

Anton Schnaider, Ksenia Schnaider, Vadym Sydoruk
Anton Schnaider, Ksenia Schnaider, Vadym Sydoruk

The award was presented by DHL Express Ukraine CEO Vadym Sydoruk and Pryamiy Channel TV presenter Vasilisa Frolova.

Official Partners of Best Fashion Awards:
  • Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv - a luxury five-star hotel of international level.
  • DHL Express Ukraine - one of the leaders in logistics services, which today actively cooperates with Ukrainian designers, especially in the area of e-commerce.
  • Losttoys - the official representative of the world's leading yacht brands in Ukraine and 9 European countries.
  • LoraShen - leading floristic company in Ukraine, which with floral design plays on the subtle strings of the human soul to evoke a desire for aesthetics in each of us.
  • Bezdoganniy Smak - high requirements for materials and design unite Best Fashion Award and the partner of theevent - the A52 residential complex.
  • Alekseev, Boyarchukov & Partners - leading law firm in Ukraine, known as one of the most successful law firms with a brilliant practice of representing clients in bankruptcy and debt restructuring, corporate governance and litigation.
  • Viticcio - authentic winery. Wines of authentic VITICCIO wine - feel Italy by taste!
  • Finlandia - the official partner of the event. "Finlandia - live extraordinary!"
  • NEATMAN - the first men's boutique studio in Ukraine, 100% handmade, author's technique and a fine sense of style.
  • VODA UA - for the second year in a row supports the BFA award and proves that refined style is a harmonious combination of quality and perfect design of the ethno bottle.
  • PETIT TRESOR - a brand of bags, based on the philosophy of strength, diversity and richness of culture of different countries.